Two of the most popular performance, luxury vehicles on the road today are Volvo and BMW. When it comes to safety, which one of these brands is better on the road? For decades, Volvo has been known as a big innovator in safety. Let's take a look at some of Volvo's top safety innovations in their current generation of vehicles.

Safety That Prevents Accidents Before They Can Happen

Volvo has been the leader when it comes to active safety features that are designed to detect potential danger. These active safety systems designed to either alert the driver of potential danger or to take control and prevent any potential accidents will keep you and yours safe.

One of the most innovative active safety features is Volvo's Road Run-Off Mitigation system. This system can steer your back into a safer path if the vehicle is about to depart its lane. In the event of an unavoidable accident, the vehicle will tighten the seat belt of both the driver and the front passenger.

Keeping You Safe In the City

There are more pedestrians, vehicles, cyclists, and other potential dangers in the city. That's why Volvo vehicles are designed with city-focused safety features. These features include Pedestrian Detection, Blind Spot Information with Steer Assist, Rear Collision Warning, and more. Each of these systems uses Volvo's cameras and sensors to ensure a safer driving experience on the road.

Tough Construction

At the core of all Volvos is a high-strength, military-grade frame designed with front and rear crumple zones, which act as a safety cage around the passengers to keep everyone safe in a worst-case scenario.

Top Safety Awards

For decades, Volvo has won recognition for its "Safety First" approach to its vehicles. Recent awards that Volvo received include the IIHS Top Safety Pick Award for the S90 and the XC90. To qualify for this recognition, the vehicle must receive good ratings in a series of crash tests.

Learn More About Volvo Safety at Paramount Volvo Cars of Hickory

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